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Before the Satellite detects you

Before the satellite detects you! is a locative and adaptive game for mobile devices. Our first build is for the iphone. The work plays with the scary concept that every one of us can be traced by satellites at any time. Big Brother is literally watching us already with the eyes of the satellites high above us. Our game proofs this and plays with it. A GPS-satelllite tracks you and your iphone. Is the signal strong, the iphone shows a red locator mark on the local map of your city. This means you have to find a place where the satellite cannot trace you. If you manage to find the shade of a tall building or sneak into a doorway, go to a subway passage, into a basement, the signal weakens considerably and you may hide from the satellite for a while. Try to make your way to the destination in town while outrunning the satellite. You set the destination yourself, it is where you meet a friend. Once set, you have to reach the destination in a certain time without being detected by the satellite!
    Before the Satellite detects you








    • 2010 · iPhone

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