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Ringside is a boxing game viewed from the side, as in traditional 2D fighting games. The player follows the career of a boxer, who starts at the bottom rank and must work his way to the top. The boxer has a number of attributes that affect the power of his left and right upper and lower punches, as well as the effectiveness of his defence. The player starts with a fixed set of a hundred points to be distributed freely across these attributes. When a higher-ranking boxer is defeated, additional points are awarded so that the player can gradually increase the boxer's stats. The number of rounds (3 to 15) and their duration can be customized. During a match, the player can choose a specific type of punch by moving in one direction while holding the fire button. Defensive positions can be assumed while the fire button is not held, although the boxer will automatically guard when the player holds still. A minigame between rounds allows the player to restore a certain amount of the boxer's energy. The game supports a 2-player versus mode in single matches, as well as a training mode with a sparring partner. A load/save option for the player's stats is available.




    • 1989 · Amiga


    EAS Software



    Full Credits

    Code: Heinz Luem, Graphics: Orlando Petermann

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