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My Animal Box

"My Animal Box" is a creation of Apps with love – Mobile Application Studio from Switzerland. The iPad App is a special picture book: The animal figures are arranged in a line on a white background. By swiping left or right you move the animal scenery to discover new animals. If you tap on a animal, it will make a sound and you can see its name. If you tap longer, you can move the animal wherever you want. The app can do even more: You can draw with your fingers on the screen with different colors and create your own animal scene. Don't you also like to draw in your picture book?

Animals, such as a lion, a cow, a kangaroo, a dog or a penguin, are taken from one of the biggest animal figure collections in the world, where some of the figures are over 70 years old! The collection was started by Swiss artist, author, and actor Kaspar Fischer as a child, and is maintained today by his daughter the artist Agnes Fischer. Kaspar is the son of the painter and «Pitschi»-drawer Hans «fis» Fischer.

The gentle music is produced by Lullatone from Japan. They are an art, music, and good ideas group who have created lots of nice tunes for children and adults. Currently they are working on their ninth album.

This app was created by Apps with love, a Swiss company that develops innovative, easy to use apps, that support you in your every day tasks and look really cool on top of it.

My Animal Box
My Animal Box
My Animal Box







  • 2011 · iOS

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