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Enemy: Tempest of Violence

After the discovery of three strange objects near Mars in the year 2031, a research mission is launched. Two hundred scientists step aboard the strange, seemingly unmanned spaceships. But these turn out to be a deadly trap: The crew is ambushed in a merciless attack by reptilian creatures. Only one of the security squadrons manages to survive. It is up to these six soldiers now to execute the large scale rescue mission on their own. Not only are these humans outnumbered by a merciless superpower. Along the way, quite a few surprising turns and revelations await them as well. Hardly anything is what it seems to be...
    Enemy: Tempest of Violence




    • 1997 · Amiga


    English, German

    Full Credits

    Design, Code, Art: André Wüthrich / Intro music: Michael Tschoegl

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